• Hydrate, condition and go about your Burley business looking fabulous.
  • Flyaways happen when you’re busy being Burley. Call a quick halt to that nonsense.
  • Viamerine WH60 provides a stronger hold. Just trust us, it does, and it’s good for your hair too.
  • Manly sandalwood scent isn’t for ladies, and yet it is.
  • Pheromone boosting, as though you needed it, to make you dangerously sexy.
  • Washes out easily with water
    or gravel, your choice.
  • You don’t need to use a lot
    but we’d be glad if you did.
  • Allows being Burley and looking dapper and sophisticated to all occur at the same time.


Okay, fine, we’ll admit it; the unruly look definitely has its time and place—like just after dousing a 3-alarm blaze or maybe just before walking into an IRS audit. But unless you’re fighting infernos or you’re someone specifically looking to un-impress, the unruly look tends to draw, well, unfavorable looks. So what’s a Burley man to do when the winds of unruliness blow and the day-to-day physical trials of simply being a Burley Man cause his locks to come unlocked? Pomade is the answer. But not just any old pomade, Buck’s Burley Pomade namely, if doing it right matters. Hydrate, condition, boost pheromones and fight flyaways in one fell swoop, easier than splitting dried firewood. Tame your wild tresses and head out into the world with the look and confidence of, say, a guy who just won a title bout with no one but a personal stylist in his corner.


Jeremy personifies what it means to be a Burley man, combining rugged and daredevil adventure with a type of weighty responsibility that might make a lesser man wither in fear. Jeremy has run with the bulls in Spain, he’s fished for salmon in Alaska and bravest of all, he’s the father of triplets. But no matter where his latest manly pursuit puts him, waist deep in danger, waist deep in frigid waters or waist deep in diapers, rest assured his downright glorious hair and beard are right there with him. A well-rounded life like Jeremy’s calls for a well-rounded beard, and just look at that incredible facial topiary of his. It’s a work of art. But like all good art, some suffering was involved–finding the right products to provide the properly manly moisture and manageability without smelling like a ladies’ boudoir was a herculean effort. But now that he has Buck’s Burley products in his hair and beard, Jeremy knows he can keep taking risks with his life, but never again with his hair and beard. See what Jeremy is up to lately on his…